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New PC Setup
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Setup your new PC
Broadband Connection - wired or wireless
Experience the freedom to surf the Internet from any room around your home, so you can check your email on your Laptop in the lounge or play your games console online in any room of the house with the freedom of a wireless network. With a wireless network there is no need to run untidy cabling through your house. A Home Network will give the benefits of sharing files and sharing a printer from more than one PC, which gives you the ability to access it all from anywhere in your home. When we install your wireless router, you also get the added reassurance that you are browsing on a secure connection – no need to worry about others accessing your wireless network and helping to keep your data secure while browsing.
Wireless or wired network setup
Use your laptop or PC almost anywhere
Everybody can access the web
More than one PCs can browse at the same time
Send and receive emails and instant messages even telephone
Access and download music, movies, TV, radio and games
A Wireless Router can be supplied if not
Need to add some bells and whistles to your PC? The once standard home PC has become the hub of the home entertainment system. It allows us to watch, listen, record and store movies, and music and television programs. This increasingly varied use of the PC often makes them hungry for more storage space, better graphics or the latest upgrades TV Card. Digital media such as music, photos and videos requires a lot of storage. You can increase your storage capacity by adding an internal or an external hard drive. Video editing also needs plenty of memory (RAM). A memory upgrade will certainly make the task easier. Also, adding a TV card to your PC can turn it into a digital TV recorder allowing you to pause and rewind live TV.
Breathe new life into your PC
Help it perform new more tasks
Increase music and video storage
Make your PC run faster
Add new capability such as TV, webcam
Install memory, storage and cards
Detailed report emailed after visit
Setting up your new PC or Laptop

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