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Having someone on the end of a phone that you can turn to when your systems appears to be crumbling can to a life saver. Our Home Service, gives you a reliable friend who's never too far away to help.
The Home Service delivers you all the PC support you need via a phone call. Your Home Service is always available to help solve your PC questions and issues. We can remotely access your PC and look at it that way.
Most of the problems and questions you will have about your computer are usually related to the software that has been installed. We will talk you through the best solution. Whether you’re a PC newcomer, silver surfer or a sophisticated user, the Home Service can provide support on your level and get you back running quickly at a very reasonable cost it always gives you the option.


Timed to suit, most days, also outside core hours

Provide a confident source of help & support

LoCall support cost whenever
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